Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Orthodox Study Bible v1.0.3 now available

The OSB v1.0.3 update is now in the App Store. This fixes the Settings button crash.

Will submit a v1.0.4 update to fix the latest Footnotes issues soon.

Monday, January 21, 2013

VerseWise Bible update

Just wanted to let you know that a VerseWise Bible update is in the works! Should have the iPhone version submitted to the App Store within a day or two. iPad will take longer, but it's coming!

The bigger items in the update will be a improvement to Facebook sharing and additional books for those reading the deuterocanonical text in KJV (2 Esdras) and RSV (2 Esdras and 4 Maccabees). Some (perhaps) less noticeable items are improved crash reporting, less crashing (hopefully!) and some polish.

If you've been following the Orthodox Study Bible updates, know that they're uncovering some issues you don't have to! Frequent updates aren't always an advantage. :)

Update 3/5

Yes, this update was delayed! (Story of my life.) I am readying an iPhone update in the next day or so. Unfortunately, I do not know exactly when the next iPad update is coming. Stay tuned!


VWB 4.4 submitted.

OSB footnotes

Thank you to Jeff T. for pointing out a problem with Footnotes when swiping left or right between chapters in Orthodox Study Bible. Unfortunately the footnotes are not refreshing themselves to the new chapter.

The 1.0.3 update that fixes the Settings crash is in review and I don't want to interrupt that. I'm seeing 10-20 crash reports a day on that, so I know it's affecting a lot of you! But I will put the Footnotes fix in the queue as soon as I can.


As you may have guessed, this Footnotes bug has to do with a change I made in 1.0.2 to "remember" where you had scrolled to in Footnotes if you returned a second time. Unfortunately it's "remembering" too much and not clearing its memory when swiping to a new chapter.

In any case, just noticed that I had not added this "memory" feature to Reading Plans' footnotes. Will attempt to do so in the next 1.0.4 update, excluding the swiping problem.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

OSB v1.0.2 now available

Orthodox Study Bible v1.0.2 is now available in the App Store! It fixes a number of issues.

Unfortunately it introduced one new bug! Tapping the Settings buttons causes a crash. I will get a fix for that out to you as soon as possible.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Next OSB update

There are a couple issues with Reading Plans in OSB that I am working on.
  • "Bible in 1 year (mixed)" plan 
    • Sometimes truncated chapters at verse 9
    • Information about plan goes to invalid link
  • "Proverbs" plan not displaying anything
Another issue is the background of the "Additional" if you rotate to landscape.

I would also like to update Footnotes to remember your scroll position when returning to them.

Hope to have an update available soon! Thank you to all who have reported these issues and others that are in the queue.

Update 10-Jan

Of course it isn't just the "Proverbs" plan that is affected by the Proverbs bug -- the "Lectionary", "Bible in 1 year (chronological)", "Bible in 1 year (mixed)" and "Wisdom" plans also have Proverbs entries. Fixing them all!

Update 12-Jan

Submitted to App Store! Hopefully available within a week.

Update 17-Jan

Now available.