Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reading Plans

I'm starting to work on Reading Plans. I have a couple already in mind (Bible in a year, Bible in 3 years, Orthodox Christian lectionary, Torah Weekly portion), but if you have one you'd like to see, please email me!

If it's a long plan (ie, 100+ readings), I'd prefer to have it sent to me in the format I need (spreadsheet or JSON). If you think you're up to the task, email me.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Deuterocanon in KJV

Working on fixing Daniel in RSV-CE got me in the mood to finally add the deuterocanon to VerseWise Bible® KJV.

What? You didn't know that the King James Version of the Bible originally included the deuterocanonical books? Most printings did, until the 19th century.

Much like the VerseWise Bible RSV, KJV will default to the 66-book Protestant canon with an option to turn the deuterocanonical books on. Will let you know when this update is in the app store.

Update: Now available in the app store.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daniel in RSV-CE

Thank you to Kayle for pointing out some chapter and footnote problems in the book of Daniel in RSV-CE. I have sent an update to the app store and will let you know when it has been accepted and released.

One of the challenges in Daniel is that there is some deuterocanonical text (from the Septuagint) inserted in the middle of chapter 3. In the print version of the RSV-CE you have chapter 3 verses 1-23, italicized verses 1-68, then non-italicized verses 24-30. To make things a little easier logic-wise, I named those italicized verses 1-68 "chapter 15". It helps to not have two sets of verses in chapter 3 with the same numbers.

Unfortunately, what works logic-wise, can sometimes be initially confusing to the human eye.

But, I assure you, the above listing is as intended! The first "chapter 3" is verses 1-23. Then the 68 verses of "chapter 15". Then the second "chapter 3", which is verses 24-30.

Not an ideal solution, but hopefully not too confusing now that it has been explained.

For even more fun with chapter numbering, see what happens in the book of Esther.

Update: Now available in the app store.