Friday, September 26, 2008

Low light mode

Every tried reading from VerseWise in the dark? I'm adding a "low light mode", available from Settings.

Yes, it'd be more convenient to have a quick on/off button for the mode within the app. I'll add that when I add a toolbar.

I hope to have this update in the store within a week.

Icon shine in 2.1

Okay, why didn't anyone tell me that the icon changed when upgrading to OS 2.1?

That shine is not supposed to be there. It'll be fixed in the next update (hopefully in a week or so).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reina-Valera released

VerseWise Bible with the Spanish Reina-Valera translation is now available in the iTunes store.

A number of people requested the RV 1960; what I am using right now is the public domain RV 1909. If there is enough interest, I could license the RV 1960. But as I've learned in trying to license my first commercial English translation, these things take time. So I am happy to get a Spanish translation out sooner rather than later.

Feel free to email me or post a public comment about this translation or what modern Spanish translation (RV 1960 or ?) you'd like me to offer.

Update: A couple people have contacted me saying that the RV 1602 would be preferable to the 1909 text. What do you think? Is there enough interest in that for me to track it down?

Update 9/25: I'll be updating the RV app with
Sagradas Escrituras 1569 text. I'll leave the RV 1909 in place for those that prefer it, allowing you to select either text in Settings.

Friday, September 12, 2008

1.1 released

v1.1 (with search!) is now available in the store.

My first non-KJV translation is also in the Apple approval pipeline. I submitted it at the same time as the 1.1 update, but new apps may take a little longer to get approved. If all goes well with this second translation, I'll work on getting more of the requested translations out. Along with more functional updates, of course!