Thursday, August 27, 2009

Douay-Rheims notes

I'm on a roll! Somebody stop me!

In addition to updating Douay-Rheims to v2.1.1, I've also integrated the book introductions, chapter headers and footnotes. Take a look.

Introduction button in the upper-right:

Introduction text:

Chapter header, "*" after verses with a footnote, footnote button in upper-right:

Footnote text:

I have submitted this update to the store.

Update 9/11: Now in the store!

KJV 2.1.1 submitted to store

I just submitted a KJV update to the store. (DR, RV, and JPS should follow in the next couple days.) It includes an OS 3.0 fix, a text correction (2 Chronicles 7:17 -- thanks, Scott!) and:

- Restored autorotation
- Improved low-light mode

For those wondering when fun new functionality will arrive: I promise, some will arrive in subsequent updates! Thank you for your patience!

Update 9/11: Now in the store!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

RSV now in store

I'm happy to announce that VerseWise Bible® RSV has now been approved for sale and is available in the iPhone App Store.

I'm excited about its release because I think it is one of the few iPhone Bibles that include the deuterocanon, the books that were in the common Bible of Jesus' and the apostles' day (the Septuagint) but have since been removed from the Protestant canon. (Don't worry, it defaults to "off" if you only want the Protestant Bible!) And there are even a couple not in the Catholic canon.

There's the running joke about people who have an incredible preference for the King James Bible saying, "If it was good enough for John the Baptist, it's good enough for me!" (The joke being the KJV didn't come around until 1611.) Well, in the case of the Septuagint, the saying might be true!

Feel free to email me or leave comments about this release.