Monday, August 1, 2011

iPad search & history

With the usual apologies for the time this is taking. :)

(See screenshots below.)

I did recently get a question about whether the iPad version of VerseWise will be bundled with the iPhone/iPod version as a "Universal app" (as opposed to being listed in the App Store separately). Here is my response.

As an update, it would be real nice if I could just release the iPad version for iOS 5, which is due to be released in September (which is good timing for me at the rate I'm going). The "popovers" you see in the screenshots below just don't always behave right in iOS 4. I can work around these misbehaviors for the most part, but they still don't act exactly right.

That could mean two things:
  • Release of iPad app in September?
  • Won't be bundled as a Universal app, but will need to be purchased separately.