Tuesday, September 17, 2013

iOS 7

Hello! iOS 7 will be coming out tomorrow so I thought I'd share an update.

I will be working on iOS 7 updates for the iPhone apps (KJV, DR, RSV, RSV-CE, EOB, OSB). The bad news is that these updates will not be able to support iOS 5 -- they will be iOS 6 & 7 only, if that. (There is a chance they'll be iOS 7 only if it becomes too difficult to support both. But most every device that supports iOS 6 also supports iOS 7, so I don't think that'll be a problem for most.)

Because there are still a couple fixes I want to send to the iOS 5 folks, I submitted what may be the final iOS 5/6 update to the App Store for KJV, DR, RSV and RSV-CE today. EOB and OSB will also be updated soon.

The current versions in the App Store work pretty well in iOS 7. I did notice a little more crashing in iOS 7; today's submission contains a fix for that.

I've been using iOS 7 for the past week. After some initial disorientation, I am coming around. I am looking forward to the apps I use updating to the new aesthetic and am looking forward to updating VerseWise as well. Particularly there are some advances in text display that I would like to use. (I guess that's an argument for going iOS 7-only.)

Stay tuned!