Sunday, March 25, 2012

iPad retina + improved poetry formatting

One of these days I will release RSV-CE iPad 1.0.2, really I will! (And don't remind me I haven't even released the other translations' iPad versions yet...) Soon! But I keep finding more things to do.

The latest I've done is updated the graphics to look nice on the iPad 3. I thought that would be the last thing I did before release, but then I noticed some of the headnotes didn't look right in the Wisdom of Solomon. And then I was reminded how I really didn't like how the poetry formatting looked. So I've fixed that. And will fix the headnotes. And then I'll try to send it to the App Store.

Here are some before & afters showing the improved poetry formatting. Mainly it's moving the verse number over so that it's easier to see and the text remains aligned.

Genesis before:

Genesis after:

Wisdom before:

Wisdom after:

A big difference in books that are mostly poetry, like Wisdom and Psalms.

Bruce out.