Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Scrolling performance

OK, I guess it's time to start talking about the v2.0 update. Among the new functionality (more on that later), I fix a minor scrolling performance problem that happens under the following scenario:
  • Select book
  • Select chapter 1
  • Scroll right to chapter 2
  • Scroll right to chapter 3
  • Notice that scrolling in chapter 3 is not smooth
The same thing happens if you select the last chapter of a book and then scroll left two times. The fun thing is that from then on, as you scroll through the chapters, every third chapter will have unsmooth scrolling. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out why. ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Douay-Rheims source text

Wanted everyone to know that I have updating the Douay-Rheims text on my to-do list.

My source text has a few errors, but it appears that all the online versions have the same. For example, 2 Machabees 1:10 has "In the year Bone hundred and eighty- eight". It seems someone scanned the text in from a book, with a number of scanner errors, and *everyone* is now using it.

I did find a source that appears to be error free. I'll try to get that out to you soon.

Update 12/10: The source I found isn't the easiest to work with. Does anyone know of an online version of the D-R text that doesn't include the above 2 Machabees error?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Douay-Rheims notes?

I've had a request to include the notes from the Douay-Rheims Bible. My source text has summaries at the beginning of each book and chapter. For example, before Genesis it says:
This book is so called from its treating of the GENERATION, that is, of the creation and beginning of the world. The Hebrews call it BERESITH, from the Word with which it begins. It contains not only the history of Creation of the world; but also an account of its progress during the space of 2369 years, that is, until the death of JOSEPH.
Before Genesis 1 it says:
God createth Heaven and Earth, and all things therein, in six days.
If the person who made the original request is reading this, are these the notes you're interested in? Or is there something else?

If anyone else has an opinion about this, please let me know via a comment or email.

Update 12/10: I am looking to add general notes functionality in the v2.1+ timeframe (next update will be 2.0). I'll look into adding the Douay notes then.