Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Orthodox Study Bible 1.2 in App Store

In case you haven't noticed already, OSB 1.2 is now in the App Store!
  • Fixed crashes in start-up and Today's Reading 
  • Fixed Facebook sharing to use native libraries and thus work how you'd expect (iOS 6 only) 
  • Fixed Isaiah 49 (no longer appended to chapter 48)
  • Fixed Wisdom of Sirach, Epistle of Jereimiah, Joel 3 & 4 entries in Reading Plans 
  • Other minor fixes & enhancements
Unfortunately there still appear to be some start-up crashes. (Argh!) I haven't seen any crash reports coming in for Today's Reading, but let me know if you've seen one personally.

There is also a problem entering Today's Reading in landscape orientation. Will fix that!