Saturday, April 28, 2012

iPad 1.0.2 submitted to App Store

I submitted VerseWise Bible for the iPad 1.0.2 a couple days ago.

This will be the first release for Revised Standard Version, King James Version and Douay-Rheims.

It will be an update for Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition.

Updated since RSV-CE 1.0.1:
  • Updated assets for latest iPad (Retina display) 
  • Improved text formatting, especially poetry (Psalms, etc.) 
  • Many new Reading Plans, improved functionality (including easy Next Reading) 
  • Fixed Esther readings in existing Reading Plans 
I will let you know when it's in the store!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Esther and reading plans

Some of you may remember my comments about the deuterocanonical version of Esther and its chapter numbering. Turns out some of the reading plans were a little confused about this! Douay-Rheims' 1-year plan had chapters "A, 1-2" for its Day 220 Old Testament reading. Thing is, Douay is different than the other deuterocanonical versions I deal with (KJV, RSV) in that it just numbers the chapters 1-16.

Also noticed that the new chronological 1-year plans I created for KJV and RSV didn't quite work with Esther. Fixing this (and taking a quick look at how the plans handle Daniel...) before releasing the iPad apps to store.

Funny enough, I have a new text I'll be working on soon that numbers Esther yet another way, with chapters A, B, C instead of KJV/RSV's 11, 12, 13. Fun fun fun!