Friday, October 16, 2015

VerseWise Bible, EOB, OSB iPhone v5.1.1 available

It looks like some people are still getting crashes! I'm in contact with a few, I hope to have a verified 5.1.2 fix soon. Apologies!


The 5.1.1 update is now available in the App Store! It addresses a weird 5.1 start-up crash. For those that encountered it, the app could not be started, the app would crash repeatedly. With this update, the app may still crash once, but will recover and start okay the second time.

Here are the 5.1 highlights:
  • Converted Highlights to "Bookmarks w/highlight" -- Highlights can now be easily browsed and tagged
  • Added "experimental" back-ups of Bookmarks (& Highlights) to iCloud
  • Fixed problems that could occur in History when changing time zones
  • Fixed Settings screen to fill out iPhone 6 and 6+ screens
  • Fixed problem with Highlights not appearing when scrolling between chapters
  • Fixed crash going to Tags screen if no tags existed
  • Tapping bookmark in Reading Plan no longer crashes
  • Now built specifically for (and thus faster on) 64-bit devices
  • Added "Bible in 1 year (mixed)" reading plan for non-deuterocanonical text
  • Fixed Psalms and Proverbs references in "Bible in 1 year (mixed)" plan for deuterocanonical text
  • Other minor corrections to plans and text
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


Nicholas Nicolaou said...

Unfirtunately still constantly crashes not just once..
Updated verse wise apps kjv, orthodox study bible and EOB to latest 5.1 and then 5.1.1 and they all keep crashing under iOS 8.4.1,
Please help this crash occurs at start of when trying to read.
I await you response, as everything worked fine before the last 2 updates.

God Bless,

Bruce Geerdes said...

Sorry to hear this! They are *all* crashing for you?

Could you send an email to ""? If I could I'd like to send you a new build to see if it fixes anything.

Nicholas Nicolaou said...

I have replied, hope you have success soon in getting apps to work.