Saturday, June 2, 2012

iPhone 4.2 bugs

We've discovered a couple issues with the iPhone 4.2 release and I hope to get a 4.2.1 update into the store soon!
  • If you select and then de-select a highlighted verse, the verse appears to lose its highlight. (Thank you to Kevin R. for reporting this.) The highlight isn't actually gone, you'll see it when you return to the same chapter.
  • Next & Last Read functionality is not working on some plans that were in progress. (Thank you to Paul R. for reporting this.) I believe this is limited to:
    • RSV-CE "Bible in 1 year (mixed)"
    • RSV (deuterocanon) "Bible in 1 year (mixed)"
    • KJV (deuterocanon) "Bible in 1 year (mixed)"
  • Getting a number of crash reports from people running the iPhone app on iPad. (Did you know VerseWise Bible is now available on iPad?) Bah, I thought I had fixed this! If you've experienced this and can tell me where you were in the app when it happened, please email me! See update.
Thank you to those sending in bug and crash reports I appreciate it!

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